Culinary & Gourmet Hotel Tirolensis near Merano – South Tyrol

Happy Senses

“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world“, British author J.R.R. Tolkien once said. And that really says it all. Except perhaps: There is no better way to describe our Culinary & Gourmet Hotel in Merano.

Tasty mornings:
healthy breakfast

7:30 – 10:30 am

  • Diverse breakfast buffet, fulfilling everyone’s desires
  • Freshly prepared egg dishes and delicious pancakes on order
  • Local produce corner with delicacies from the region
  • Juicer, waffle maker, special smoothies and much more
  • Lactose- and gluten-free meals on request
  • Cosy dining room & panorama patio (May to October)
Couple having breakfast
Tartare for lunch

Tasty lunchtime:
light snacks

12:00 – 1:30 pm

  • Small lunch table
  • Light and hearty dishes
Lunchtime -
Sweet variation Nougat dumplings with berries Ice cream with fruit - Hotel Tirolensis

Tasty afternoon:
sweet surprises

3:00 – 4:30 pm

  • Tempting cake buffet
  • Homemade treats and sweet sins for every taste
Sweet surprise - Hotel Tirolensis
4 course menu - Hotel Tirolensis Onion roast - Hotel Tirolensis Spinach dumplings Beef with crust Dumpling tris Meat with vegetables Main dining room - Hotel Tirolensis Carbonara pasta - appetizer Antipasto - Hotel Tirolensis

Tasty evening:
Mediterranean meets tradition

6:30 – 8:30 Uhr

  • Four-course menu of choice including fresh salad buffet
  • Traditional and Mediterranean cuisine in the mix
  • Lactose- and gluten-free dishes as well as vegetarian/vegan cuisine on request
  • Young and motivated team with chef Damiano
  • Cosy dining room & panorama patio (May to October)
Lamb with vegetables - Tirolensis

Peter‘s World of Wine

Everyone has a best friend. But the only true friend is standing behind the bar with his sleeves rolled up and a smile on his face. The author of these lines is unknown, but they sound like Peter might have written them. You don’t like wine? We won’t lock you up in the cellar for this statement, buuuut you’d better watch out! Because in our opinion: Whoever says something like this has not yet tasted enough fine wines. We think that there is a wine for everyone. And Peter will find it for you in our Gourmet Hotel near Merano …

  • Individually tailored wine advice (also for not-yet-wine-drinkers)
  • Regional wines from the country’s wineries as well as from small, unknown winegrowers
  • Special wine weeks for lovers of fine wines
  • Wine safari in a classic car with Peter
Cocktail Cocktail - aperitif Blue drink with smoke Cocktail bar with Peter Cocktail - prosecco Cocktail bar - Hotel Tirolensis

Happy Hour at the Cocktail Bar

Cocktails don’t solve problems, but neither does water.
So: Let this evening beGIN – from 9 pm, we pop the corks at our hotel bar. Fancy a special cocktail creation? Then Peter is your man.
By the way: Unfortunately, you can’t hire Peter as a private bartender for your home, but you can learn from him how to create excellent cocktails very easily and without a lot of frills …

The empty glasses at the bar are the best magnifiers on life.

– Casper

Catherina’s Pine Gold

When life gives you a pine cone, make liqueur.
In collaboration with the distiller Peter Ilmer, host Catherina has reinterpreted the traditional Swiss mountain pine. The result is “pine gold”, a mountain pine liqueur made from the cones of the mountain pine. The resinous, spicy scent of the mountain pine is said to have a stimulating and calming effect.

Souvenir - Mountain gold Catherina Souvenir - mountain gold Souvenir - Latschengold - Hotel Tirolensis Mountain pine liqueur