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… get inspired by our photos and videos. We invite you on a journey through our Tirolensis world! Discover fantastic insights and great views, in and around your holiday home also home of castles Tisens-Prissian. Moments of nostalgia and anticipation in three, two, one …

Impressions - outdoor finnish sauna Impressions - Outdoor whirlpool Tirolensis Hotel Tirolensis exterior view TerraceTirolensis Table setting - Hotel Tirolensis Ambience - reception Palm trees & swimming pool - ambience Impressions - view terrace Prissian Impressions - Tirolensis swimming pool Impressions - couple in the swimming pool Impressions - woman goes into the pool Impressions - Indoor swimming pool Impressions - view terrace and surroundings Impressions - view surroundings Castles and palaces Hotel Tirolensis - view Outlook - village Impressions - flowers and detail sofa Impressions - flower & bed in background Impressions - flowers and wallpaper Impressions - sofa with green pillows Impressions - Christmas Tirolensis Impressions - Christmas mood dining room Impressions - Christmas atmosphere
Hiking to the alp Impressions - Almstüberl Impressions - drinking wine Impressions - bar Impressions - Vintage car Impressions - classic car driving Impressions - classic car couple Impressions - dancing Impressions - couple dancing Impressions - terrace breakfast Impressions - grapes tasting Impressions - wine Impressions - engagement Impressions - Sightseeing Impressions - drinking
Double Room Landhaus in green Double Room Landhaus Chair Dolomite Suite Bed Dolomite Suite Dolomite Suite - Hotel Tirolensis Living area with view to the garden - Garden Suite Kräuterduft Kitchen Garden Suite Kräuterduft Garden Suite Kräuterduft Double Room standard Comfort Living Chalet - Hotel Tirolensis Living - Comfort Living Chalet Hotel Tirolensis - Comfort Living Superior Comfort Living Superior room Bath - Double Room standard Bathroom with shower - Double Room standard Romantic Suite Rosengarten - couch and fireplace Romantic Suite Rosengarten bed Bedroom - Dolomite Suite Soap & cream - Double Room standard Double Room standard Double Room standard Double Room standard Double Room standard
Impressions - breakfast table Impressions - Breakfast on the terrace Impressions - salmon roll Impressions - antipasto Impressions - Tartar Hotel Tirolensis Impressions - Tartar Impressions - Impressions - carbonara Impressions - Spinach dumplings Impressions - Dumpling tris Impressions - main course Impressions - Culinary Tirolensis Impressions - lamb Impressions - Beef Impressions - Onion Roast Impressions - Nougat dumplings Impressions - dessert Impressions - Dessert Tirolensis Impressions - dessert variation
Impressions - outdoor pool Impressions - view into the outdoor sauna Impressions - infusion with a view outside Impressions - evening in the pool Impressions - couple relaxes in outdoor area Impressions - sauna deck chair Impressions - jump into the pool Impressions - woman in the swimming pool Impressions - jump in the pool Impressions - couple lying on deck chair Impressions - indoor pool Impressions - finnish sauna Impressions - infusion sauna Impressions - Steam sauna Impressions - Indoor wellness area Impressions - massage
Felix christmas Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle Golfing in Merano Lake Kaltern Lake Carezza Small Tschöggelber bike tour Knottnkino cinema St. Hippolyt Bicycle path from Bolzano to Merano Rafting Sunrise St. Hippolyt Service for cyclists Hike to the hotel's own alpine hut Water skiing Rametz Castle Wine Museum Lake Montiggl Paragliding Golf course Lana Golf club Lana - Hotel Tirolensis