Weekly Programme & Insider Tips

Each Day is a Gift

Between you and us: we don’t think that the one perfect holiday exists. But why? Because holiday happiness is individual. And we take special care to ensure that everyone feels good at Tirolensis. That’s why we have something for every taste. Let us inspire you – to new deeds and adventures.

Vintage car tour with Peter Weekly program Cocktails with Peter Pleasure hike in the Tisner low mountain range

Happy Moments at Tirolensis:
Insider Tips from us to you

Did you know that adventurers are afraid of growling stomachs and hide away?

We don’t want that to happen. That is why we have already prepared breakfast – so you can start your individual Tirolensis holiday week in a good mood. Because once your stomach is settled, you are ready for great Tirolensis moments …

For mountain lovers:
up to the alp with host Manni

The Merano region is literally showing off its charme – scenic beauty here and culinary delights there. Actually, the perfect mix, don’t you think? Together with Manni, we hike to the hotel’s own alp in the Merano 2000 hiking area. From mid-May to early November.

Indulgence for all the senses!

Hiking to the alp Weekly program - Hiking to the alp

Mix it up:
Creating cocktails with host Peter

How to mix the best drinks in a quick and easy way – you will get an exclusive teaching from Peter. Discover which spirits go well together, what harmonises and what doesn’t and how to present cocktails in a grandiose way.

Pssst – and by the way, you don’t even need any expensive bar equipment for such creations …

Cocktails from Peter Serve cocktail - Hotel Tirolensis Cocktail drinking - terrace Hotel Tirolensis Mojito Cocktail with coffee