A house with a living history

Genuine and real

What is special about our Hotel Tirolensis? It is our home.
An expression of our philosophy of life and our personality. Family and love form the strong foundation on which our house rests. Values that can be felt throughout the hotel. Far away from trends and architectural designs, we live our own idea of a hotel. With a unique charm and authentic character.

Terrace with tables & figure - Hotel Tirolensis

How it all began:
A journey through time

The Hotel Tirolensis was opened in 1978, and made history.
At that time, it was the only 5-star hotel in the whole of Burggrafenamt which made it a centre of attraction for many international air travellers. In 1982, a fourth house was built to expand the room capacity. Only one year later, the hotel fell victim to unforeseen interest rate rises and went bankrupt. In 1986, it was acquired by Metro and underwent many management changes until 1995. In the same year, everything took a turn for the better: Our family took over the management of the 3-star hotel. 2005 marked the change to a 4-star hotel and from then on, things started getting better: A lot of renovations and redesigns took place until 2017, which gave the Hotel Tirolensis a new shine.

A big dream came true in 2018:
We bought the Hotel Tirolensis!

Now it is 2023 – and things are far from over, on the contrary – we have only just begun.

Ambience - history - Hotel Tirolensis Lobby - history - Hotel Tirolensis View with cushions & woman - Hotel Tirolensis Hotel with pool & sun loungers - Hotel Tirolensis

A House with History

Back then - Hotel view - Hotel Tirolensis Back then - Hotel with pool - Hotel Tirolensis Back then - reception interior view - Hotel Tirolensis Back then - dining room interior view - Hotel Tirolensis

An insight: Then…

  • 1978 the Hotel Tirolensis was built
  • At that time the only 5-star hotel in Burggrafenamt and attractive for international travellers
  • Only five years later it was on the verge of bankruptcy (interest rate increases)
  • In 1986 it was acquired by the Metro and underwent many management changes until 1996
Back then - Hotel exterior view - Hotel Tirolensis
Host family - Ambience - Hotel Tirolensis

… versus now.

  • 1996 our family became the hotel managers of the 3‑star house
  • In 2005, the hotel was upgraded to a 4-star hotel.
  • 2005 to 2017 things were getting better: ongoing renovations & redesigns
  • 2018 it was time for the house to be our own: the Boutique & Design Hotel Tirolensis is born!
  • 2022 – and it’s far from over!
Boutique & Design hotel in Merano near Bolzano - adults friendly - Hotel Tirolensis