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Weddings in South Tyrol

At a special place with a wedding celebration to be remembered by everybody as something absolutely exceptional! Make your wedding an event – absolutely in your style, seamlessly and professionally organized.

“Weddings & More”, that means we do not offer you and your guests just a wonderful wedding location and perfect services. Together with our local and regional partners, we’ll help you to put together a unique accompanying programme for your wedding event – exactly as you wish to have it.

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The sunny uplands of Tesimo - Prissiano in the holiday region around Meran in South Tyrol are an unparalleled recreational area.

Already in the past centuries, the sunny mountain plateau of Tesimo was among the favourite vacation places of the Habsburg nobility and of South Tyrolean noble families. The holiday region is situated on a sunny height at about 650 m between Meran and Bolzano and includes the picturesque villages of Tesimo, Prissiano, Grissiano, Naraun, Gfrill, Platzers and Schernag. Set amongst rich orchards and chestnut groves, aside from frequented traffic routes, one can enjoy a healthy nature, wonderful spots and places of tranquillity. The most famous South Tyrolean towns of Meran and Bolzano can be reached in just some 20 minutes by car, as well as the picturesque castle of Trauttmansdorff.

...the best box seat

From the north, the spa town of Meran greets you at the foot of the Texel Group, and from the south the rose garden casts its spell in the grandiose spectacle of nature under the alpine glow. A landscape with idyllic pictures and wonderful views unfolds before one’s eyes.

Trails and places to discover: International Path of Artworks in Felt, Adventure Trail Vorbichl, Path of Mills, Meditation Path of Seven Sacraments, the magnificent viewpoints such as that at the St. Hippolyt chapel, or you can just sit under the world’s biggest and perhaps oldest vine, the Versoalnrebe.

...Castles, chateaux & traditions

Life must be good where nobility used to reside. Many aristocratic dynasties had established their residences up to the befitting standards (6 chateaux & castles plus 11 churches or chapels).

In Tesimo/Prissiano, our “Castle Wedding in South Tyrol” will be arranged for you.

You will stay in the comfortable Hotel Tirolensis – a jewel of the Meran region, which rarely finds its equal. Just at some 15 kilometres from Bolzano as well as from Meran, high over the Etschtal valley in the sunny highlands of Tesimo and Prissiano, situated quietly and centrally at the same time, the Tirolensis Genusshotel warmly welcomes its guests. The enterprise is well known far beyond the South Tyrolean borders for its beauty and its cosy and elegant furnishings. The hotel radiating the South Tyrolean Charm and standing for a hearty hospitality thanks to its friendly atmosphere. The hotel director Manfred Oberrauch and his wife Helga Oberrauch perceive their intense commitment for the wonderfully situated four-star facility with its 55 rooms and suites as their true vocation.

Manfred Oberrauch recognizes not only the management of the in-house restaurant with his chef-level qualities as an affair of his heart. Helga Oberrauch is responsible for the organization of the flawless services for Tirolensis’ guests as well as for the variable arrangement of its atmospheric ambience, so highly valued by its guests. Their credo: “Deliver the feeling of the alpine traditions and of the Mediterranean way of life!” Here, enjoyment and romantic experience can be perceived to the best!

We, the Oberrauch family and the team at the Genusshotel Tirolensis, will do everything we can to make your wedding event at one of the most beautiful places in the world un unforgettable experience, whether you wish to say your yes just in a small family reunion or with a more numerous wedding company of up to 100 or more persons. From your very first enquiry till your departure, your wishes are at the absolute centre of our attention. We make sure that everything works exactly as you imagine. Whoever visits us once, comes back again. The Meran country is never going to let you and your guests go!

With the “Castle Wedding in South Tyrol” arrangement, we want to inspire you on which highlights you can experience during a wedding event with us in Prissiano. As a matter of principle, a Weddings & More planning naturally always takes place closely together with the bridal couple and our especially trained colleagues, who will support you in every respect.

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Your South Tyrolean wedding can become an experience in the truest sense of the German word “Hochzeit” corresponding to “high time”: Your wedding party will involve fascinating mountain romance, delicacies inspired by Italian and alpine styles, activities in a marvellous natural scenery, culture and sauntering in the trendy Bolzano and picturesque Meran...

Treat yourselves with days of happiness at a particularly beautiful and scenic place, where numerous ruins with princes, knights and minstrels give account of the courtly life of the past, or have a ride on a horse of an ancient South Tyrolean breed, a Haflinger, being given its name according to the near Hafling.

Some of the castles are brought back to life, among them the Castel Katzenzungen, where your wedding company can be welcome!

Be woken up with the “Goaslschneller” on your great day as the old South Tyrolean tradition is. A wedding coach decorated with roses then brings you to your marriage ceremony in the 900 years old St Martin's Church. Pronounce your Yes word at this place steeped in history, with solemn harp tones in the background...

A champagne reception at the nearby Katzenzungen castle will carry you and your guests to an even more romantic spirit. If you wish, the castle becomes also the place of your wedding celebration with the festive menu – with the Grand Hall decorated completely in white for you.

Alternatively, the cosy restaurant of the Hotel Tirolensis is awaiting you with a marvellous view of the mountain world.

Dance into your living together exactly as you like it – accompanied by folklore and traditional music or by swing and jazz melodies!

In the days before or after your marriage itself, the South Tyrolean wedding events are waiting for you and your guests:

Extraordinary Wine Tasting

Did you know that the oldest and biggest grapevine in Europe grows just at your wedding place?

It thrives just under the Katzenzungen castle, one of the places you can book for your wedding party. In the rooms of this fort, an agreeable wine tasting event with selected South Tyrolean grapes will be arranged for you.

Snow Pleasures Plus Cottage Magic

The Meran 2000 winter sports arena is waiting for you! Snowshoe walking has become a real trend, though it always used to be “in” as a means of movement in a deeply snow-covered South Tyrol! Just try it out with an expert guidance! Your efforts will be soon awarded: you will have a cosy rest together with your guests, enjoying the “alpine hut magic”!

Visit of the “Man From the Ice”

An absolutely touching encounter with the more than 5000 year old »Otzi« at the South Tyrolean Archaeological Museum. The famous mummy was discovered in 1991 very near from your place in the area of the Schnalstal glacier. Following years of scientific examination, the old “Otzi” has been made accessible to the public. A guided tour will provide you with all the essential! The South Tyrolean Archaeological Museum is located within the Bolzano's old town, which is worth of your visit anyway!

The following is waiting for the bridal couple as the “basic offer”:

  • 3 or 4 nights in the decorated wedding suite of the Hotel Tirolensis with a view of the Etschtal and of the Brentagruppe range with the highest South Tyrolean peak - the Ortler (3908m)
  • Champagne breakfast in your room on the morning following your marriage, on the other days a breakfast buffet in the restaurant of the Tirolensis hotel
  • Bathrobes for Her and Him
  • Availability of the wellness area – swimming pool and sauna
  • Relaxation massage for Her and Him
  • Fruit basket
  • Nice wedding events:
    “Extraordinary Wine Rasting”
    “Snow Pleasures Plus Cottage Magic”
    “Visit of the Man From the Ice”
  • Daily dinner – 3-course menu – at the restaurant of Hotel Tirolensis

Would you like to be captured by the wintry charm of a South Tyrolean place among the mountains, celebrate your marriage within the noble ambiance of the tradition-rich walls, which have seen so much?

In that case call (+39 0473 / 92 09 01) or send us an e-mail to Accompanying and supporting you during your greatest days will be a pleasure and honour for us.

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Everything is ready for the wedding of your dreams in our lovely Genusshotel Tirolensis, where the South Tyrol is most beautiful. Whether in the narrow circle of your family or with a broad wedding company – our team and our partners from the region are ready to support you during your days full of romance, enjoyment, beauty and unforgettable experiences.

From registry marriage and church marriage, through culinary experiences all the way to musical framing and flower decorations, from photo reportage through a festively decorated oldtimer all the way to champagne reception in our own Falkenau Alm in its airy height, ... we will support you literally from A to Z, and together with our local partners we will make your wishes and visions for un unmatched and unforgettable wedding event come true, so that you and your guests remember this experience for the rest of your lives.

This is the promise of Weddings & More.

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