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Holiday day in South Tyrol

When planning your holiday in South Tyrol make sure you allow time for outings. Numerous attractions await you in South Tyrol and the surrounding regions of Italy. Leisure, culture or shopping - you decide.

The most popular destinations in the region are the Dolomites and Lake Garda. But there are plenty of other spots worth visiting. City trips, to Venice, for example, are especially worthwhile.

The Tirolensis hotel is situated close to Bozen and Meran, and the connecting roads to all destinations are quickly acccessible by car.

The Dolomite peaks loom far into South Tyrol. In the attractive villages in the Eggen valley and Grödner valley craftwork is an important economic factor, that and the the hillside farmsteads. All sorts of wood carvings can be admired and of course purchased here. Mountaineering is the dominant sport here and the Dolomites are a climbers' paradise with 10 high altitude routes. Go for a stroll or do a spot of shopping in the quaint "Fugger" town of Sterzing, highly attractive with its mediaeval flair, set amidst the Dolomites.

The South Tyrol wine route is recommendable to visitors between April and November. Here you can taste the excellent produce whilst enjoying the beautiful natural surroundings. The mine at Ridnaun is also worth a visit. Initially silver and lead mining was carried out here, later zinc mining.

Now visitors can see under which conditions miners worked in the past.

For further information and suggestions for day trips, please contact the reception at the Tirolensis hotel.

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