Marvellous days at marvellous place with South Tyrolean charm around Meran

The Hotel Tirolensis situated high over the Etschtal valley in the sunny highlands of Tesimo and Prissiano cordially invites its guests. The Tirolensis is well known far beyond the South Tyrolean borders for its beauty and its cosy and elegant furnishings. In our hotel, marvellously situated at one of the most beautiful spots on the Earth, you’ll be constantly spoiled – even from the sun, shining almost without respite there. Enjoy your days full of romance and delight.

The nearby Dolomites are an utter paradise for touring drivers of all preferences. During your trips through the South Tyrolean country, you’ll experience the Mediterranean climate and “Dolce Vita”.

Please click one of the following buttons in order to learn more about the South Tyrolean touring paradise. Just a little warning before you click the “ALPINE MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURES” button – get perfectly ready to some of the most spectacular views in the Alpine touring paradise... Emotions and goosebumps guaranteed. Clicking the “ALPINE MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURES” button opens a short video clip showing a breathtaking motorbike cruise straight through the Alps, over three countries and along several unquestionable highlights that are a real must for every biker to be seen at least once in life.

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Hotel Tirolensis
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