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Mountain biking & cycling in the Meran region

South Tyrol is the ideal destination for cyclists and mountain bikers. Countless routes lead through valleys and up mountains in the unique natural surroundings of the Southern Alps.

Cycling and mountain biking are popular sports in South Tyrol. The route network is excellent and suitable for all levels of cycling prowess. You can get to know the best routes during a holiday at the Tirolensis hotel. The local bike guides list the best tours - everything from downhill runs and racing stretches to family-friendly tours. If you would like to brush up your cycling skills, we recommend a course in bike technique training.

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A small selection of cycling tours near to the Tirolensis hotel:

  • Cycling route Bozen-Meran
    This pleasant route connects the two main cities of South Tyrol. Just choose which direction you want to take, starting from the Tirolensis hotel. Both Bozen and Meran have lots to offer. This route is also the starting point for many mountain bike tours.
  • Tisner highland tour
    A demanding day tour which leads through the surrounding mountain countryside. A few obstacles are part of the route. The beauty of the natural surroundings recompenses for varoius stretches where you have to either push or carry your bike. Quaint little churches en route as well as welcoming refreshment stops are worth a visit.
  • Small Tschögglberg tour
    This moderately difficult tour starts at the summit station of the Vörran cable way, not far from the Tirolensis hotel. The route leads along well-maintained roads, forest tracks and short trail sections. Once you reach the starting point again, you can choose between a valley descent with the cable car or, if you have the nerve and the skill, you can try the demanding plastered route for experienced mountain bikers.
  • Passei valley tour
    This fairly easy tour is especially suitable for families with children. Starting in Meran, the route leads over wide dirt tracks along the Passer river and back, without steep inclines. Attractions en route: a children's playground in Saltaus and the Andreas Hofer Museum in St. Martin.

Aside from these suggestions there are of course many other outings and bike routes to choose from. Information about the routes is available at the Tirolensis hotel, as well as recommendations for bike guides. After a strenous mountain bike outing, why not relax in the wellness area and in the Hotel Tirolensis restaurant?

Plan your biking holiday in South Tyrol and experience the unique cycling routes of the Southern Alps.

ID: 4386
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