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Hiking in the Meran region – a dream come true!

Explore nature while hiking and climbing

South Tyrol's hiking paradise offers exciting tracks and hiking routes amid authentic mountain scenery. Conquer the peaks in the Meran region while on a hiking holiday at the Tirolensis hotel.

South Tyrol has over 17.000 kilometres of marked hiking trails. Many of the most scenic routes can be found during your holiday at the Tirolensis Hotel and Apartment House in the Meran region. The low range mountains of Tisens are practically at the hotel's doorstep.

The hiking routes lead through orchards and unique mountain landscapes to stunning vantage points. During your hikes in the largely untouched South Tyrolean countryside you will come across mediaeval castles, romantic churches and ruins. Aside from the South Tyrolean hospitality you will appreciate the mild climate, the clean air, the well-tended orchards and the tranquil mountain lakes. Hiking highlights in the Tessimo-Prissian area are the international "Filzkunst" (the art of feltmaking) hiking trail and the nature theme trail.

A must for all visitors is the oldest and largest vine in Europe at "Schloss Katzenzungen", which stretches over an impressive 300 m². However, not only the low range mountains are worth a visit; from Tisens-Prissian you have access to the best hiking trails in the whole Meran region. The Meran high level trail, for example, is a great route for experienced hikers, and to enjoy the whole stretch, you will need to calculate a few days of hiking. There are plenty of shorter options of this route, and the staff at the Tirolensis Hotel will be happy to advise you about shorter day routes.

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Climbing in South Tyrol

In the Meran region there are several "hip" rock climbing ranges. The boulder area of Algund, the "Bergkristall" rock climbing gardens in Pfelders, "Wintertraum" in Naturns, "Hypolit" above Lana and "Fragsburg" above Meran are especially recommendable. Climbing walls and routes in the Dolomites are a paradise for all climbers.

The beautiful countryside, dominated by jagged peaks is a must for visitors in search of a bit of adventure. You can climb in this region nearly all year round, as the spring sunshine warms the rock face very quickly and dries out any moisture.

There are fixed-aid climbing routes for all levels - from beginners to experienced and extreme rock climbers.

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